Three assisted students at Bradford Grammar School aim for medical careers

Shebbear College: ‘We want to be fully prepared for anything’

Abbey College partners with Manchester Giants


New edtech event to run alongside Schools & Academies Show in November





Catering & hospitality


If someone had said to me this time last year that for a significant chunk…

  • BNF Healthy Eating Week returns in virtual form

  • Paramedics win independent school’s £10k wedding competition

Facilities & buildings

How has your school adapted its facilities to manage social distancing?

We have used some of our larger rooms and halls to accommodate our distanced ‘bubbles’,…

  • ‘Justified disinfection’ post-lockdown

  • The big space debate


St Mary’s makes ocean conservation a priority despite lockdown

St Mary’s School in Essex has stressed the importance of ocean conservation action amid the…

  • How Zip Water can help schools become more sustainable

  • Climate change the biggest issue facing the world, say young people


Health & well-being

School uniform

Children should wear school uniforms despite Covid-19, government says

The government has said pupils should wear school uniforms during the pandemic as they pose…

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  • Will social distancing spell the end for school shops?

School life


Three pupils from an independent school in Bradford hope to secure jobs in the medical…

  • Bryanston School charity project supports new schools in Cambodia and Myanmar

  • Eastbourne College pupil named Wisden Schools Cricketer of the Year

Sports & leisure



The gender stereotyping of employment roles may be more ingrained in children than previously thought,…

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  • Leading in a crisis

Law, finance, HR

Teachers’ Pension Scheme and independent schools – summer 2024

If you cast your mind back six months, then the world was a very different…

  • Eton opens applications for Orwell Award 2021

  • St Benedict’s pupils raise £3,000 for food banks




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An independent school in Bristol is closing after 73 years, citing the worsening economic outlook…

School marketing – the new challenges

Why is marketing so important to independent schools? As Alison Taylor, managing director of Conscious…

The woman behind the name at Beverley Bell Consulting

Northampton independent school falls victim to Covid-19

Balancing your transport needs: minibus compliance

Chinese investors save Staffordshire school from oblivion


A renewed focus on outdoor learning

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Teachers’ Pension Scheme and independent schools – summer 2024

If you cast your mind back six months, then the world was a very different…

‘Just possibly, it was going to be the saviour of the school’

Alternative investments are the key to our future – are you in?

Boarding school houseparent: ‘It was difficult to see them leave so suddenly’

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